Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines is the champion of change in the modern cruise industry. Once upon a time this cruise line had the oldest fleet sailing the oceans of the world and that made for old, small cabins and no access to party lounges or choices in entertainment or dining. In the last 8 years that has completely turned around and what was formally the oldest fleet is now the NEWEST FLEET TRAVELING THE SEAS. And every ship now embodies the unique and groundbreaking approach to cruising that Norwegian Cruise Lines and defined as their own.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Mission

The list of “first’s” for this cruise line is long and important, as every other cruise line in the large ship niche has made changes due to the response the public has shown over the years to the innovation that came from Norwegian Cruise Lines first You will see some of the most recent awards they have received mentioned in the left hand side of this page. And they are quite impressive! At the core of their mission statement is the offer to the cruise passenger of choice…they call it FREE CHOICE. And it is because of Norwegian Cruise Line’s development of this approach that cruisers now have choices in almost all aspects of their cruise vacation, where before they had almost none.

Completely gone are the traditional dining times and designations of main dining room. Gone are the requirements to dress formally twice in a seven night cruise or more on longer cruises. Norwegian Cruise Lines has replaced these time honored practices with a totally open choice to dining and dress code. Gone are the fixed schedules of dinner and specific show as THE way to spend the evening on board. NCL wants you to have the vacation that you want and they have stepped out to the creativity box to make that possible.

The Dress Code Is Casual – No Formals or Tuxedos Required

The dress code, like the dining, is up to the passenger. There are formal nights on the schedule, but generally approximately 50% of all passengers elect to stay nicely, but more casually attired. So it is possible to enjoy a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise and not had to don an tuxedo or formal gown all week long.

A Great Cruise For Families & Groups

While a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise has not historically been considered a luxury cruise product, on their new ships there are groups of cabins that were designed to truly provide a luxury cruise experience, and are a good consideration for certain family cruises or special group cruises. The Garden Villas and Penthouse Suites on their new ships are truly luxuriously appointed and offer the unique benefits of their own private pool, sun deck with covered cabanas, hammocks, and cafe. On the new Epic these luxury cabins include entrance into an exclusive lounge and restaurant that services the Penthouse, Villas and Suite passengers only.

Lots of Connecting Cabins for Families

This cruise line has more connecting cabins on their ships than any other cruise line and a consideration they have made regarding connecting cabins is particularly bright. On many of their ships , they provide different category cabins that will connect to one another. For instance, they will have an Ocean View room for children connect to a Balcony Cabin that would be much more enjoyable for the parent . And if it is a large family traveling together there are complexes of rooms that are tied together by a common living area.

The Unique Dining Experience On Norwegian Ships

All Norwegian Cruise Lines ships are functionally designed to be truly floating resorts offering a selection of seven to seventeen…yes, SEVENTEEN restaurants depending on the ship. Each restaurant has its’ own theme based menu that is set throughout the cruise with the exception of one to two international dining rooms that offer a varied menu each evening. The dining time is set solely by the passenger who may make their reservations 24 hours in advance, or pre-reserve their dining experience prior to departure, which is recommended. For those who like to try new types of food, this allows the passenger to enjoy a different type of cuisine each evening or if you are more a creature of habit you may select a favorite restaurant and return night after night.

Wide Variety Of Entertainment

As in their approach to dining on board an NCL cruise is all about choices, so are the options for entertainment. There are some big shows for you to enjoy, but the shows are just one option for your evening out., for this cruise line has done away with the main show lounge. Instead you will find an assortment of different shows…some are musical in nature like the Legends at Rock n Roll ..straight from Las Vegas and under exclusive contract to Norwegian Cruises along with the Blue Man Group, as well as, the 2ND City Comedy Troupe. Those who love music are definitely going to be happy to walk in and sit down at the Interactive lounge showing “Howling at the Moon”…two piano playing …an every rock n’ roll knowing twosome that will sing and play for you until the wee hours of the morning. If jazz or blues is more to your liking there is a great club for that, too. We could go longer and will when we review the ships, but the most important thing you will want to remember about this cruise line is. (Check for changes)