Mexico Cruises

When discussing Mexico Cruises there are basically three types of itineraries you will find offered for your cruise vacation. On the short cruises which last 3, 4 or 5 nights the ships can travel no further than the Baja region. These cruises depart from either Los Angeles or San Diego. The ships that travel there are a 3 star quality which means they are not the newest hardware from the offering cruise line, but great attention is paid to maintaining these vessels, because this is a very popular first cruise for land vacationers to try as an alternative vacation source.

More About Short Cruises 3 – 4 – 5 Days

On the 3 and 4 night cruises you will normally travel no further south than Ensenada, Mexico. Many of the 4 night trips also include a day long stop in Catalina off the coast of California. Many people also use these short trips as a quick escape and a chance to use the time as a refresher, just as with any weekend away, but the inclusive nature of a cruise vacation makes this an outstanding value. All of your food and entertainment is provided in the price and if you take your kids along, making it a family cruise vacation, the children’s activities for ages 2-17 are also included in the price. It is much more cost effective than a weekend spent in Las Vegas, for example. In 2009 there are few vacations that are more affordable than one of these short Mexican Baja cruises. Call us today to find the right one for you.

Mexican Riviera Cruises 7 Days

This is the classic cruise itinerary to Mexico. Most of the ships that make this trip leave from Los Angeles with only the occasional departure from San Diego. There are a number of cruise lines that travel this route. The list includes Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, departing from Los Angeles and from San Diego, Holland America and Carnival. Carnival and Royal Caribbean keep a ship in this market year round, but Princess Cruises, Holland America, and Norwegian Cruise Lines move the ship they normally keep in Los Angeles to Alaska for the summer season. For them the Mexico season is late September through April. The vast majority of the time the ports visited on this 7 night trip are Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Additionally, Carnival has been offering an 8 night trip from San Diego traveling the only itinerary that will take their passengers all the way to Acapulco which is too far away to be reached on the 7 night trips.

Mexican Riviera Cruises 10 or more Days

During the holidays it is not uncommon to see the cruise lines that are traveling this itinerary regularly to extend their cruise length in order to offer something a bit special. These limited offer trips are 10 to 14 days in length and allow the time to make a further venture down the coast further along the Mexican coast

Limited Offer Mexican Riviera Cruises

They are also joined many times in these longer trips by some of the luxury lines that use the Mexican Riviera as an opportunity to service the North American traveler with this itinerary and experience a cruise product that is more boutique and/or luxury in nature. The cruise lines that take advantage of this seasonal itinerary include Oceania, Regent, Azamara, and Crystal Cruises.

In 2010 a cruise line that is normally never in this market will be represented and bringing a lot of excitement with them. Disney Cruises will be keeping one of their ships in Los Angeles for a while… to offer the West Coast Disney fans the opportunity to experience Disney at Sea.

In 2011 another newcomer to the West Coast is Cunard who will have the Queen Victoria sailing some trips to both Mexico and Hawaii during a short stay of a few months in Los Angeles.

The Weather Factor

Both the Baja and Mexican Riviera are year round destinations, but there are times of the year when the weather should be considered when you are making your travel plans for a cruise vacation there. The best times to travel there is November through May when the season is dry. The summer months will be more humid and vulnerable to rain as the traditional hurricane season that runs from June through October have the potential to hit the waters in Mexico as well the Caribbean. It is not a given that your trip will be disrupted by rain, but we would not be good agents if we did not give you the information you needed to keep such a possibility in mind.

Who Will Enjoy The Mexican Riviera

This is a great selection for a group cruise, for families in search of a value vacation, for couples planning a honeymoon, or looking to get away with friends for a great vacation or seniors who have the free time to travel during the lower priced times of year. It truly is a destination that will appeal to all ages and stages in life.

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