Holland America Cruises

Holland America cruises represent a cruise line product that shines as it continues to evolve, renew, and revitalize itself for each new generation who enters the cruise vacation passenger ranks. This cruise vacation leader draws from an illustrious history of 130 plus years of five star cruise ships operating worldwide.

The Personal Touch On Holland America’s Medium Sized Ships

Holland America cruises has never wanted to have the biggest ships in the industry, but have preferred to build their ships in the medium size category carrying fewer fortunate passengers. Each of the ships in their fleet can be counted on to feel like a beautiful floating art and glass sculpture museum which makes every hallway as well as every public room, restaurant, and lounge a visual treat to behold.

This fine cruise line was the first to introduce…

  • Two story dining venues
  • A major seminar studio setting devoted to culinary classes
  • Lectures which are great for groups traveling with a food theme
  • The first “kids only” shore excursion options

Wonderful Option For Families

Holland America’s Refurbishment & Expanding Fleet Set Them Apart
Besides adding numerous new ships to their fleet in recent years, Holland America has recently completed a $250 million “Signature of Excellence” refurbishment of their entire fleet, bringing each ship to a new level of five star hallmark comfort, style, and activity options. This investment in their fleet, when coupled with their medium sized passenger count, set them apart in the Premium Cruise Market niche.