Hawaii Cruises

A Large Ship Cruise Experience

This is strictly a large ship destination which is a benefit to you as on these longer cruises there are four sea days at each end of the trip, so the numerous and varied activities available to you while at sea really pass the time… in fact you may discover an enjoyment of cruising based on the special relaxation provided by the leisurely days spent totally at sea.

When To Cruise Hawaii

The only real season considerations regarding Hawai cruises usually relates to the movement of ships to and from the summer Alaska cruise season. Many times this destination is made possible as a break in routing that begins in the Caribbean by the ships moving through the Panama Canal in early Spring to end up in Alaska for the Summer and then again in early Fall when they return to the Caribbean for the Winter.

7 Night Hawaiian Cruises

A cruise to or around the Hawaiian Islands is the best way to experience the unique qualities of each of the four major islands – Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii in as few as 7 days on Norwegian Cruise Lines without the hassle of inter island airports and packing and unpacking. At this time, NCL is the only cruise line offering year round cruises within the islands. Each cruise is roundtrip Honolulu. The cruise line does have competitive airfare, but it is ALWAYS worthwhile checking with us first to make sure there is not a better airfare rate available. This is a super family cruise vacation option in the summer and couples or honeymoon cruises all year round.

14 Night Hawaiian Cruises

Other than the 7 day cruise, the other way to cruise the Hawaiian Islands is via a 14 or 15 night roundtrip cruise from the west coast. These departures are usually from Los Angeles via Princess Cruises and San Diego via Holland America. These cruises are not ones you can count on finding every year or year round on those years they are scheduled at all, but our data base will let you know if they are being held during the year you decide to travel. Other cruise lines that occasionally offer these longer cruises to the islands are Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Crystal Cruises only goes there on rare occasions.

Why Book With Westside International Travel Inc. To Hawaii

When we research this trip for you we will look at ALL the cruise lines that meet your established criteria which saves you an ENORMOUS amount of time. We have countless dates that we have negotiated our own pricing with each cruise line, plus added our own special value benefits. Family Reunion Cruises to Hawaii are a perfect choice since they offer so many great family activities. We also recommend Hawaii as an ideal destination for a Wedding Cruise because the islands truly are romantic and picturesque.