Group Travel Is Our Specialty

Group Travel is a very complicated process and not all travel agents or agencies are created equal when it comes to being capable, and most importantly, experienced in meeting the needs of this type of travel. Group travel planning and group cruises are however one of our favorite endeavors! We have assisted families, churches, clubs, alumni associations, organizations, and businesses large and small to organize, distribute information and finalize their plans for years, and have experts in both land and cruise group planning on staff. Because we excel in this very complex travel niche, the planning process can be quite seamless for the decision makers.

A Group Travel Customer Review

“Hi Sharon!

I want to thank you SO MUCH for all special perks you added for my group’s cruise. The champagne, strawberries, and $25 credit was SO generous of you. :o) This year’s cruise was even better than the last! I know that EVERYBODY had a GREAT time and they are already looking forward to going again next year! I think that every year as the word spreads about the cruises there will be more and more people interested in going with our group lol. I was looking online at 5 and 6 day cruises to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.


Received 2/15/14

Our Exclusive Group Cruises & Land Packages

We are masters at negotiating the best value for your group cruise, or group land package or tour which is a huge benefit to the group. For example, if the cruise line or tour company’s price for the airfare you might need to service the needs of the group seems too high, we will go direct to the airlines and negotiate a contract just for you and always at a savings for the group due to the huge business we represent to the airlines. (In concert as an affiliate of Altour, we process 100’s of millions of dollars in air travel each year.)

Special Attention & Custom Web Pages For Our Groups

We handle transfers, hotels, (actually have our own hotel program and are on the list of top producers for all major hotel chains in the country) as well as plan tours and special events for the group, so there is no need to look elsewhere for any aspect of your groups needs.

We regularly offer to produce a flyer for the group – for use to get the word out – and can create a webpage, if that is helpful to reach all the possible participants and will do follow up mailings to remind the travelers of when payments are due. Our goal is to make the Group Travel planning process easy and fun for everyone involved, including the decision makers – who so often bare the brunt of the responsibility and stress.

      Contact Westside International For Your Next Group Vacation

      Please fill out one of our Travel Request Forms and let us know a few of the details regarding your group and how we may contact you. We just need a little bit of information to get started. Whether you are planning group travel to Australia or a Group Cruise to the Caribbean, we’ll have the best options for you. If you have a cruise group in mind you will want to complete the Cruise Travel Request form. If your group wants a land package or tour, please complete the Land Travel Request form.

      We look forward to assisting you!