About Us – Westside International Travel

Westside International Travel Inc. is a full service travel agency specializing in luxury cruise, family and group travel arrangements. We have a staff of 14 travel professionals with a minimum of 24 years experience traveling the globe, storing those experiences gained along the way. We have cruise specialists that have experienced over 100 vessels and land & tour specialists that have traveled and/or escorted other travelers to six of the seven continents. Our group specialists can facilitate your group of 15 or 150 with the same energy and expertise.

Westside International Travel Inc. under its current ownership, Sharon and Peter Bernhardt began its new existence when the previous agency owner decided to retire from the travel industry in 2002. Just as today, the agency was always a family owned business and grew from the original beginning in 1970 to 2002 to have one of the most distinguished reputations in the Greater Los Angeles area…winning numerous industry awards along the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist the traveling public who are seeking an extraordinary vacation experience and who recognize the value of top professional expertise. We seek to provide the best value to our clients and work diligently to augment value with additional benefits that we have designed and created specifically to deliver a unique travel experience.

Our services are diverse and we pride ourselves on having a positive, “can do” approach to meeting and exceeding the requests made of us, providing a seamless planning process from the first introductory call to the welcome home call upon return.

Our Affiliation With Industry Leaders

We have not only the strength of our dedication that allow us to set such goals, but the power of being associated and part of one the largest travel agencies in the United States, ALTOUR, with annual sales of over $1.5 billion. We, in our association with ALTOUR, have a global perspective to the travel business. Our daily business functions, for example, may take place in our corporate office located in New York, on one of our rate desks that may be located in our London office, or in our accounting office that is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Furthermore, we in our association with ALTOUR, are the top producing agency of the 200 independently owned and operated members that comprise the nationally esteemed travel consortium American Express Network. This consortium draws from the quality, integrity and stability that are hallmarks of American Express. With 153 years in business there is tremendous heritage, global coverage, and history that serves as a testament to the commitment American Express has made to servicing the traveler, and we are pleased to be part of this great group of agencies.

Our Commitment

While we admittedly are one of the most savvy travel consulting firms in the country today, there is one fundamental aspect of travel that we have not tried to change – your desire to have a relationship with a qualified travel professional consultant when you are planning something special. Perhaps the relationship is not face to face as it was in the past …but over the wires or more often now through wireless connection, we are here to receive your inquiries and we are committed to working on your behalf.

Our Website Design & Goals

It is our goal to put together an informationally rich and user-friendly website to help assist our customers in finding the perfect vacation for their wants in needs. In order to achieve this, we make constant updates to our site and always look for areas to improve. Should you find any broken links or areas that could use some improvement, please contact our Webmaster and Content Author at his Google+ profile.